The Hidden Valley area is home to some unique wildlife including 130 species of birds, possums, gliders and rock wallabies and the elusive Platypus. Our tours provide an opportunity to be shown some of these fascinating creatures by local tour guide.

Platypus in Running River


This wonder of nature combines many unusual features such as a bill and webbed feet, yet is covered in fur and an egg laying mammal know as a Monotreme. Hidden Valley boasts a population of 300 along an 11km stretch of Running River and was voted by Australian Geographic as the number one spot to view a Platypus in the wild.


Wildlife around Hidden Valley is prolific... especially the birds. More the 130 species have been recorded. Detailed bird lists, tips, and binoculars are available upon request.

Bird in Paluma
Possum in tree


Hidden Valley has an abundance of mammals which are commonly seen on the nocturnal walk or around the resort in late afternoon or evening. Common sightings include; Pretty Face Wallabies, Bettongs, Rock Wallabies, Brushtail Possums and Greater Gliders. Squirrel, Sugar and Feather tail Gliders can be seen when the trees are in blossom.

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