Environmentally Friendly

The Hidden Valley region has one of the most diverse habitat in Australia and we are committed to ensuring to it is preserved. Our Environmental Sustainability Policy is comprehensive and Hidden Valley Cabins has made a substantial commitment to Environmental Sustainability and minimising our environmental footprint.

Eco-Tourism Accreditation

Hidden Valley Cabins are an outstanding example of genuine Ecotourism and have been certified as an Advanced Ecotourism operation - the highest level of certification – by Ecotourism Australia.

Environmentally Friendly
Solar Power

Solar Power

The resort operates on 100% renewal energy. Hidden Valley Cabins 90m2 solar array supplies the resort with all our electrical needs and has eliminated the use of a diesel generator. The resort saves 26,000 litres of diesel a year equating to 78 tonnes of CO² emissions. Tours of Hidden Valley Cabins solar plant and interpretative centre are offered to guests free of charge.

Power Conservation

Hidden Valley Cabins has replaced conventional light bulbs with energy-saving compact fluorescent, which has reduced our power consumption on lighting from 2220 watts to an amazingly low 430 watts, resulting in 18 tonnes of CO2 emissions saved every year.

Waste Management

We minimize waste by composting food and paper products for use in gardens.


We are conscious of our environmental footprint and encourage others to follow suit. We have developed renewable energy workshops and constructed an Interpretive Centre. We also encourage our guests to be energy wise and have included ten hints in each accommodation unit on how to be energy efficient.


Hidden Valley Cabins recycles all aluminium cans, cardboard, papers etc… We have also used recycled products wherever possible to build the resort.

Native Plants

Hidden Valley Cabins has planted over 2000 trees and shrubs around the resort, mostly native. These complement the natural landscape and encourage birds and animals to visit the resort, which they do in large numbers.


Hidden Valley Cabins was designed to blend in with the natural environment. The majority of timber used in the resort is either recycled or selectively-logged hardwood for minimal impact on the environment. The furniture has been handcrafted from local timber.

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